About the Shock Exchange

The New York Shock Exchange is a roller derby league based in New York City. In 2006, founding captain Jonathan Rockey began its organization and less than a year later the Shock Exchange made its public debut in a doubleheader bout in Kendall Park, NJ.

The Shock Exchange is a founding member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (Formerly the Men’s Derby Coalition), the largest men’s roller derby association in the world. In 2010, the Shock Exchange won the first Men’s Derby Coalition Championship. They repeated their success by winning the Men’s Roller Derby Association Championship at the Big Apple Beatdown Tournament in 2011. The following year they won the inaugural Mohawk Valley Cup Tournament and traveled to England where they would play in the first intercontinental men’s roller derby bout as part of the successful “Shock the UK” tour.

In 2014 they won their second Mohawk Valley Cup. Making history yet again, the Shock Exchange flew all the way to Australia for the “Shock Down Under” tour in 2015.





photo by Edenmydust
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