About Roller Derby

Roller Derby is a team contact sport played on roller skates.

The object is to have the jammer on your team lap opposing skaters. Each time a jammer laps an opposing skater during a scoring pass the team receives one point. Essentially, roller derby is a race between the two jammers.

The rest of the team on the track are blockers. Blockers simultaneously assists their jammer through (offense) and stop the opposing jammer (defense). The group of all blockers from both teams is known as the pack. Blockers may only engage jammers and other blockers within 20 feet of the pack.

Each team fields 1 jammer and 4 blockers on the track. A whistle starts the jam and the jammers may begin racing. The first jammer to clear the pack successfully becomes lead jammer. The lead jammer can call off the jam by placing their hands on their hips. A jam lasts 2 minutes long unless the lead jammer calls it off.

The complete set of rules the Shock Exchange plays by is here.

Video introduction below from “This Is How I Roll,” a documentary featuring many New York Shock Exchange skaters.

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