New York Shock Exchange Completes Historic Roller Derby Tour of Argentina!

The New York Shock Exchange proudly announces the successful completion of its Shock Sudamérica roller derby tour of Argentina and 1st place finish in the H.A.R.D (Hombres Americanos Roller Derby) Tournament.

On Februrary 7th and 8th, the tour kicked off with the 2 day H.A.R.D. tournament (Spanish: Torneo HARD), in Buenos Aires. Day 1 started with a historic first game between the New York Shock Exchange, a visiting United States of America roller derby team, and the Buenos Aires Conspiracy of Argentina. The Shockers took the win 327 – 29. That afternoon, in the humid heat of the summer day, the Shock Exchange played Contragolpe (Mendoza, Argentina) scoring 430 to Contragolpe’s 20. On day 2, the Shockers bouted the Terror S-Quad of Chile, outscoring them 424 to 72. Meanwhile, the undefeated ThunderQuads (Roller Derby Masculino), were storming through the tournament with equally large victories making a solid case to be the best team in all of South America. The stage was set for the final.

After the Buenos Aires Conspiracy finished 3rd place over the Contragolpe, a large crowd filled the bleachers to see the final game between the Shock Exchange and the ThunderQuads. The boisterous audience cheered loudly for every thrilling moment of the tense bout. Powerful defense prevented either team from pulling too far ahead but New York managed a slight edge. The Shockers led 90-69 at halftime. Resisting the onslaught of lightning quick jammers and tough blockers, New York fought to keep its 10 man team from falling apart. The Shock Exchange held the lead to the end with a final score of 180 to the ThunderQuads’ 106. The Shockers were Torneo HARD champions.

New York Shock Exchange wins 2016 Torneo HARD in Buenos Aires, Argentina! (Photo by Len Rizzo)

New York Shock Exchange wins the 2016 Torneo HARD in Buenos Aires, Argentina! (Photo by Len Rizzo)

John Wyatt, #20 of New York, earned blocker MVP of the tournament. El Pibe, #08 of the ThunderQuads, took home Jammer MVP honors. Jonathan R, #6 of the Shock Exchange, was awarded tournament MVP.

The following day the tour team led a training camp in Buenos Aires, teaching conditioning, skating skills, strategy, blocking, and jamming to participants. In the evening, the Shockers scrimmaged against Team Argentina (Seleccion Argentina de Roller Derby Masculino) to assist them with their preparations for the 2016 Men’s Roller Derby World Cup, which will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on July 21st-24th.

New York Shock Exchange and Team Argentina on Feb 9th, 2016.(Photo by Nikolaídis Photo)

New York Shock Exchange and Team Argentina on Feb 9th, 2016.(Photo by Nikolaídis Photo)

After one day off, the tour team traveled to Cordoba, Argentina for the weekend. There they played the local men of Rayo Naranjo on Saturday, winning 283 to 22. Sunday they directed a day long training camp and said their farewells to the wonderful people of Argentina.

The Shock Exchange thanks the ThudnerQuads for hosting the Torneo HARD, the officials, volunteers, DJs, announcers (including Bob Noxious), photographers (Len Rizzo, Johnny Derby, and Robert Dino), masseuses, food vendors & chefs, team wrangler Sin Diesel, the many people of Argentina who welcomed us into their homes, and all of the backers and supporters, including Brown Paper Tickets, Queen of the Sin Bin, and Bozzo Wine, at home and around the world.

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