Bout Preview: Freakshow Vs. Squares (2/11)

February 4, 2012 by Jonathan R

On February 11th, the 2012 New York Shock Exchange Roller Derby Season begins with a Coney Island Freakshow/Union Squares battle at the St. Valentine’s Massacre in Long Island.  The hosting Roller Rebels start the night off with a Pink Vs. Black bout featuring their newest “Fresh Blood” graduates.  The Shockers take the track second. Read the rest of this entry »

First Bout of 2012!

January 24, 2012 by Jonathan R

The Shock Exchange kicks off its 2012 season with a bout between the Coney Island Freakshow and the Union Squares on Saturday, Feburary 11th at the Long Island Roller Rebels’ St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Video after the jump!

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October 24, 2011 by Jonathan R

Watch the video after the jump!

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Dow Jones Average Wins Initial Bout!

October 11, 2011 by Jonathan R

On Saturday, October 8th, the NY Shock Exchange’s brand new B-team, the Dow Jones Average, occupied the Capital District Trauma Authority (Albany, NY) 194-91 at Skate Safe America in Old Bethpage, New York.

Shoots and Splatters #100 (Red Helmet Cover) jams for the Dow Jones Average on 10.8.11 (photo by Luna Obscura)

The bout began with the first jam going 0-0.  The second jam was a different story.  2011 NYSE rookie Starsky #3 broke out a monstrous 29-0  with the aid of a strong pack of veterans holding the Capital District jammer at bay.  Starsky would go on to win MVP honors for the Average.  The DJA’s defense held the District to only 9 points for the first 16 jams.  In jam 17, however, Capital Jammer Roarshock #8i8 fought through the pack multiple times to score a big 13 points.  Roarshock was the team’s highest scoring jammer with 49 points and its most valuable player.  The highest scoring jammer for the Average was Ace of Skates #2 with 65 points.  The tough men from Albany continued to fight hard and put up a big 18-0 over a penalized DJA jammer in the last jam… but it was not enough.  The Average proved they were mean with a 194-91 victory.

More photos of the bout by Luna Obscura are here.

The Shock Exchange All-Stars return to skate in the highly anticipated MRDA Championships on Oct. 22nd.

Shock Exchange and Pioneer Valley in the NY Times!

October 7, 2011 by admin

Check out our very own Ace of Skates and Pioneer Valley’s Jurasskick Park in the New York Times! The photo was captured by the very talented Point N Shoot.


Dow Jones Average Debuts on 10/8!

September 26, 2011 by Jonathan R

On Saturday, October 8th, the NYSE B-Team, henceforth known as the Dow Jones Average, plays its first bout!  They take on the Capital District Trauma Authority (Albany, NY) as part of a doubleheader with the Long Island Roller Rebels.  Brand new skaters, Sammy Dangerfield # 0 Respect and The Dalai Bomber # 15th, will take the track for the very first time.  The women’s game features the Rock-A-Betty Bruisers against the visiting Roller Radicals.  Get your tickets here!

The Dow Jones Average Logo

The NYSE All-Stars return to play in the Championships on 10/22.

Squares outmaneuver Freaks 213-53

September 4, 2011 by Jonathan R

The Union Squares defeated the Coney Island Freakshow 213-53 at the second annual Empire Skate Showdown.  The Freakshow took control of the start and led 10-7 at the end of jam 6.  Using outstanding teamwork and strategic pack control, the Squares took full advantage of a series of penalties on the Freakshow in jam 7.  Starsky (#3) scored 10 for the Squares to put them into the lead.  The Squares continued to press their advantage.  In jam 13, Squares captain Abe Drinkin’ (#47), who won MVP for his team, scored a monstrous 23 points.  More power plays later the Squares would roll into halftime with a comfortable 116-15 lead.

Bane-ana on Skates (Yellow Shorts) and Ace of Skates (Black Helmet with White Stripe) hold the front of the pack. (Photo by Sean Hale)


Starting the second half with the Freakshow jammer in the box, the Squares built a bigger lead.  Fending off a few Freakshow rallies, the Squares dominated with cleaner play and earned their right to hold the Winner Ball with a final score of 213-53.  The top scorer for the Squares was Ladies Knight (#241) with 83 points.  Jonathan R (#6) earned MVP for the Freakshow with his team-leading 33 points.

More photos by Sean Hale are here.

The New York Shock Exchange would to thank the Long Island Roller Rebels for hosting this outstanding event, all of the referees, officials, and volunteers for their excellent work, and would also like to congratulate the Wall St. Traitors for winning the Women’s Tournament.

The Shock Exchange skaters return to Long Island on 10/8 as the brand new B-Team, the Dow Jones Average, will makes its debut against the Capital District Trauma Authority (Albany, NY).  Following that the New York Shock Exchange hosts the Men’s Roller Derby Association Championships on 10/22!


NYSE Home Teams Debut Tomorrow (9/3)!

September 2, 2011 by Jonathan R

Tomorrow, kicking off the Empire Skate Showdown, it’s the Coney Island Freakshow vs. the Union Squares!  The winning NYSE team takes home the coveted Winner Ball.  Shoots and Splatters # 100 makes his NYSE debut.  Full rosters below:

Coney Island Freakshow

1.  Ace of Skates # 2-tone
2.  Atticus Flinch # 56
3.  Bane-Ana on Skates # 1Bunch
4.  Jack Rabid # 88
5.  Jonathan R # 6
6.  Maulin Brando # 14
7.  Psychobilly # 13
8.  Ronnie Mako # 7
9.  Vader # 4ce
10.  William Tell-me-lies # 422
11.  Wolfgang Von Stomp # 40

Union Squares

1.  Abe Drinkin’ # 47
2.  Filthy McNasty # 61
3.  Jefferee # 42
4.  Jimmy Rage # 1275
5.  Harm’s Way # 8
6.  Ladies Knight # 241
7.  Rinkworm # 11
8.  Shoots and Splatters # 100 bullets
9.  Starsky # 3
10.  T-Stop Tornado # 517



NYSE Home Teams to debut at Empire Skate Showdown

August 21, 2011 by Jonathan R

The NY Shock Exchange is pleased to announce its two new home teams will debut on Saturday, 9/3 at the Empire Skate Showdown.  Their full length bout will begin at 10:30am.

Tickets here

NYSE wins in Brooklyn!

August 15, 2011 by Jonathan R

On Saturday, August 13th, the NY Shock Exchange defeated the Harm City Homicide 311-89 at Aviator Field in Brooklyn, NY.  The game MVPs were Ace of Skates #2 (NYSE) and Abe Foreman #010 (HCH).  The highest scoring jammer for the NYSE was Jonathan R #6 with 107 points and, for the Harm City Homicide, it was Quad Almighty #7 with 27 points.

Atticus Flinch (White Star Helmet Cover) jams at the Roller Derby Daredevils Battle Over Brooklyn event on 8.13.11 (Photo by Point N Shoot).

More photos from Point N Shoot, Flickr user gt8073, and Flickr user knightmare6.

The bout was part of the Roller Derby Daredevils Event hosted by Gotham Girls Roller Derby.  Both Gotham teams won their games as well.  The Wall St. Traitors bested Suburbia 138-109 and the GGRD All-Stars triumphed over Denver’s Mile High Club 187-116.  A complete write up by Thomas Gerbasi is found here.

The Shock Exchange’s next appearance will be at the Boardy Barn Fundraiser this Saturday, August 20th.  Then on 9/3 they will be debuting their two new home teams at the 2011 Empire Skate Showdown.  Both events are hosted by the Long Island Roller Rebels.

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