Veronica Ache



This Whistle for Hire.

Likes: Wes Anderson movies, Film noir, rockabilly hair, libraries
Dislikes:  Cow bells, 4 foot ref lanes, Fox News, paying the Con Ed bill
Veronica Ache joined the New York Shock Exchange and Gotham Girls Roller Derby in 2010 as a skating official.   She was a skating referee for two seasons with Gotham before deciding is was more fun to hit people, and she now skates for Gotham on the Manhattan Mayhem.  Veronica is still a referee for the New York Shock Exchange and the MRDA (Men’s Roller Derby Association).  This is Veronica’s third season reffing for the New York Shock Exchange and men’s roller derby.
Highlights of her derby involvment include refereeing in the 2011 MRDA Championships tournament, the Big Apple Beatdown; 2012 Spring Roll tournament hosted by the Fort Wayne Derby Girls, and the 2010 MDC Championships.


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