The New York Shock Exchange is Going to Europe!

This November the Shock Exchange crosses the Atlantic to play roller derby in the United Kingdom! The Manchester New Wheeled Order and Southern Discomfort (London) will host the Shockers on Nov. 17-18th and Nov. 24-25th, respectively. Each weekend will feature an exciting, broadcast game and an open training camp.
These first intercontinental men’s roller derby games will help pave the way for European teams such as Southern Discomfort, Manchester New Wheeled Order, the Inhuman League, Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder, the Toulouse Quad Guards, and many more to join the ever-growing Men’s Roller Derby Association to truly make roller derby a worldwide sport!
To begin raising funds for this historic tour, the Shock Exchange will be hosting a party on July 19th at Don Pedro in Brooklyn, NY. Details rolling in soon.

About the New York Shock Exchange
The New York Shock Exchange is a men’s roller derby league based in New York City. Inspired by the all-women roller derby revolution, it was organized in 2006 by Jonathan Rockey, the Flying Squirrel, a referee and coach for Gotham Girls Roller Derby.
The Shock Exchange is a founding member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (Formerly the Men’s Derby Coalition), the largest men’s roller derby association in the world. In 2010, the Shock Exchange won the first Men’s Derby Coalition Championship. They repeated their success by winning the Men’s Roller Derby Association Championship at the Big Apple Beatdown Tournament in 2011.

About Southern Discomfort
It began on 14th November 2010. A bunch of guys in the south of England banded together to make a men’s roller derby team. Southern Discomfort Roller Derby (SDRD) had their first game against a band from the north going under the moniker, North England Roller Derby (NERD) in London. The final score was SDRD 209 – NERD 58. But what was won was the hearts and minds of the audience; for the boys showed that when they played roller derby, exciting action and thrills and spills were quick to follow.

About Manchester New Wheeled Order
Founded in March 2010, Manchester Roller Derby is the UK’s first (and, to our knowledge, only!) fully co-ed league. From early days practicing at a local roller rink, MRD have grown to an established league with three teams – the Checker Broads (female),Phoenix Furies (female) and the New Wheeled Order (male).

About Roller Derby
Roller Derby is a team contact sport played on roller skates.
The object is to have the jammer on your team lap opposing skaters. Each time a jammer laps an opposing skater during a scoring pass the team receives one point. Essentially, roller derby is a race between the two jammers.
The rest of the team on the track are blockers. Blockers simultaneously assists their jammer through (offense) and stop the opposing jammer (defense).The group of all blockers from both teams is known as the pack. Blockers mayonly engage jammers and other blockers within 20 feet of the pack.
Each team fields 1 jammer and 4 blockers on the track. The first whistle starts the jam and the pack of blockers may begin skating. After the second pair of whistles the jammers start. The first jammer to clear the pack successfully becomes lead jammer. The lead jammer can call off the jam by placing their hands on their hips. A jam lasts 2 minutes long unless the lead jammer calls it off.

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